To Bee or not to bee?

Bee Cake

(sorry ’bout the blurry picture~~ still getting used to the camera) 

It would be pointless to deny that I chose to make this cake because of the bees. So I won’t. I think that this cake actually constitutes a refusal to accept that I am now no longer the young whippersnapper I once was. Navel gazing aside, this cake is tasty as well as kitch- the perfect birthday cake combination. It was probably one of the better birthday cakes I’ve had in a while…. and trust me, this year I had a LOT of birthday cakes.

The honey is an interesting twist on the plain chocolate cake. I was skeptical about whether I would actually able to taste the honey but it was definitely asserting itself over the chocolate. The runny honey glaze was also very unusual and again, honey was dominating the flavour profile. Suprisingly, the cake wasn’t too sweet- you would have thought that all that honey and that chocolate would make it a little cloying it wasn’t at all.  Of course, you can make this cake minus the bees, but really, why would you?

Recipe after the jump….

Chocolate honey cake
From Nigella Lawson ‘Feast’

100g. Dark Chocolate, cut into small pieces
275g. light brown sugar
225g soft butter
125ml runny honey (I heated mine up in the microwave for 30 seconds to make it easier to pour)
2 eggs
200g. plain flour
1 tsp. bicarb soda
1 tblsp. Cocoa
250 ml. boiling water

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C and butter and line a 23cm springform pan

Beat together the butter and sugar until light and creamy, then add the honey and beat again. Add the eggs one at a time and a couple of tablespoons  of the flour and beat until smooth. Fold in the melted chocolate and then the rest of the flour and the bicarb of soda. Sift the cocoa and fold in too. Finally beat in the hot water. The mix will be really runny but that is how it is supposed to be. Pour the mixture into the springform tin and put it in the oven for a loooong time- up to 90 minutes but keep checking it to make sure it doesn’t burn- if it is looking a little too crispy around the edges then you can put some tin foil over it at about the 60 minute mark.

Sticky honey glaze
60ml. water
125ml. runny honey
175 g. dark chocolate, cut up into small pieces
75 g. icing sugar

Put a saucepan over med-high heat and pour in honey and water. Bring to the boil and then remove from heat. Add the chocolate and stir until it has all melted into the honey mix. Add the icing sugar and stir until there are no lumps in the mixture. Pour it over the cooled cake.


Get some marzipan and roll it into small balls and flatten slightly to make a bee shape. Using a toothpick, dip it into the sticky honey glaze and draw on some stripes and some eyes to make it look like a bee. Stick two flaked almonds in the sides to make wings and allow the glaze to dry a little bit before putting them carefully on top of the cake (I found it is easiest to pick them up by the wings).

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